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Become a Florida House Intern

Become a Florida House Intern

Become a Florida House Intern

The intern program at Florida House provides a unique work experience in Washington D.C. for Floridians that are juniors or seniors in college.  Students interested in the operation of a nonprofit organization including event management, hospitality, education, marketing, communications, and government are encouraged to apply.  Interns will be able to work in a Congressional office one or two days a week.  Internship duties include welcoming guests, giving tours of Florida House, administrative work, and assistance in organizing meetings and events.

Summer internships are eight weeks and are offered in two sessions.  Fall and Spring internships, lasting a full semester, are also available.  A stipend of $1,000 is offered to help offset expenses. Housing is not provided but Florida House can assist in finding accommodations.  Space is limited and positions are competitive so we encourage you to apply as soon as you know your plans.  If you know a young person interested in becoming a Florida House intern, please refer them to www.floridahousedc.org or call us at 202.546.1555.

Florida House is a nonprofit organization and generous Floridians and Trustees make this program possible.  Your donation of $1,000 enables these young Floridians to more ably afford their eight week stay in Washington. Please call Florida House for details.

From Camille Robinson, Florida House Intern, Summer, 2017

“My summer internship at Florida House has truly been an unforgettable and educational experience.  Florida House is such a unique nonprofit organization, and as a Floridian, I have come to love and appreciate Florida even more for being the only state to have an embassy in Washington, D.C.  Through this internship, I had the opportunity to learn more about Florida while also meeting wonderful Floridians and guests who wanted to learn about Florida House and its history on Capitol Hill.  The placement in my representative’s congressional office was also a great part of this internship.  I had the opportunity to observe how congressional offices on the Hill work while meeting constituents from my district and giving them tours of the United States Capitol.  This internship taught me Floridians have a hidden gem in our nation’s capital and Florida House is a piece of that history that should be treasured for years to come.  Best of all, living in Washington, D.C. for eight weeks was an amazing experience as it is one of the most entertaining, historical and lively cities.”


If you are interested in being considered for a Florida House internship, please complete this online application.

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Past and Current Florida House Interns

2018 – Jonathan Amon, Port Orange (Georgetown University); Tucker Smith, Port Orange (Florida State University); Amanda Thompson, Gainesville (University of Florida); Kennedy Wilhite, Tallahassee (Florida Southern College)

2017 – Christian Chambers, Tampa (University of Florida); Clayton Cravey, St. Petersburg (University of the South); Kimberlee McMillin, Bartow (Florida State University); Camille Robinson, Jacksonville (University of Central Florida); Kaitlin Santiago, Pensacola (Pensacola State College)

2016 – Jody Gilbert, Oviedo  (Dean College, MA); Abigail Megginson, Pensacola  (University of West Florida); Alexis Causey, Lakeland (University of West Florida)

2015 – Crews Chambers, Tampa (University of Florida); Saga Moss Lundstrom, Lakeland  (Florida Southern College); Georgia May, Tallahassee  (Clemson University); Patrick Mims, Lakeland  (University of Florida); Nancy St. Clair (Florida Atlantic University)

2014 – Devan Coffaro; Mackenzie Johnson; SSgt. Raymond Matheny, II; Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ McDonald; Lindsey Steck; Kathryn Krebs

2013 – Karlie LaCroix; Catherine Salm; Andrew Hamaty