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The Florida House Foundation Mission

The Florida House Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides cultural, social, educational and economic resources; showcases Florida’s culture and diversity; maintains and operates Florida House, Florida’s embassy in the nation’s capital; and provides opportunities for Florida’s citizens to enrich their appreciation and knowledge of our nation’s government.


In order to be an effective organization, it is important that members be focused on the same issues and share common goals. Based on the mission of Florida House, the following objectives were set:

  1. To provide educational opportunities for Floridians of all ages
  2. To be the unparalleled leader in hospitality and graciousness
  3. To be of service to all Floridians
  4. To be an integral part of the core of the Florida/Washington, D.C. community and our Florida Delegation
  5. To become a recognizable, sound, and thriving institution, providing an endowment to ensure the existence of Florida House for generations to come.

Florida House is not owned by the state of Florida, but rather by the people of the state through a nonprofit foundation. The foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of leaders in business, education, arts, and culture from throughout the state.