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Guidelines For Use

1. Red wine is only allowed at seated dinners.

2. Florida House does not staff any function. Greeting and name tag/information is the responsibility of the host.

3. Movement of furniture must be pre-approved by the Florida House Manager of Operations. Shifting of furniture is the responsibility of the host.

4. There is no parking available on the premises of Florida House. In the event of delivery trucks using the driveway (pre-approved by the Manager of Operations), vehicles must be moved 30 minutes prior to start of function. Catering/service vehicles are never allowed to remain in the driveway.

5. Florida House and entry canopy is smoke free at all times.

6. Reservation of space at Florida House is confirmed by receipt of the use fee. Space can be held without confirmed reservation until payment is received.

7. Florida House will only provide the agreed upon rental space.

a. Catering, floral, liquor, tenting, etc. is the responsibility of the host and all agreements are between the host and the service provider.

8. Florida House staff will not direct staff of service providers with the exception of the movement of furniture.

9. Caterers must provide an insurance policy naming Florida House as additional insured.

10. Florida House assumes no responsibility for deliveries.

11. Captains must check in with the Manager of Operations upon arrival.